Public Relations Services at Fifty Acres

At Fifty Acres, we’re able to take the big picture approach while seamlessly combining it with experience and mastery of each and every communications discipline.

When it comes to communications, it’s probably easier to list what we don’t do, but just to give you an idea, Jo and her team can help your business with:

Advising on everything from what you say to how you say it.

Government Relations
Helping you build lasting relationships with key government stakeholders.

Fifty Acres Incubator
Providing an intensive and innovative incubator program tailored specifically to help you hatch your ultimate potential.

Fifty Acres Academy
Delivering a series of low-cost webinars on topics such as social media, dealing with the media, campaigning and communications.

Media Relations
Ensuring the media understand your brand and what you’re trying to say.

Stakeholder Relations
Building a collaborative approach with each and every key player that matters to your business.

Social Media
Navigating the ever-evolving social space and ensuring you don’t stray from your brand path.

Strategic Communications Workshops and Training
Working with your company or organisation to build the PR, stakeholder skills and communications knowledge you really need.

Content Creation
Writing the words, and creating images that communicate your message efficiently and with maximum engagement.

Video Production
Producing quality content for your online or advertising communications including storyboarding, filming and post-production liaison.

Event Management
Arranging a high tea with key contacts within the Federal Parliament through to conferences and media events.

In the Community
We love working with interns and also offer a scholarship program for students - please click here for more information.