Video Production at Fifty Acres

Multimedia is becoming an increasingly critical component of marketing and public relations. Video messages create trust, reinforce authority and above all help your clients and customers put a face to your organisation.

Fifty Acres is positioned to provide video solutions that integrate seamlessly with your marketing, social media and public relations needs. At Fifty Acres we can assist you with all aspects of video production from storyboarding, scripting and pre-production to filming, editing and distribution.

Videos can be used to bolster an online press release, create a video news release, shared via social media, create powerful openers at conferences, pitch to potential clients or capture a lasting record of a launch. Our team works with leading industry professionals to ensure that your video delivers your message, looks professional and comes in within budget. We can tailor a solution specific to the needs of your organisation. When creating your video content we ensure that we capture your brand and message to create a powerful and lasting impression.

At Fifty Acres we can assist you in developing ideas for video content that is vibrant and engaging, we can also assist with interviewing and preparing talent, organising makeup artists and stylists as well as coordinating and directing filming.

We are here to help reduce your workload and ensure the process is smooth from inception to delivery.

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