Communication & Media Training at Fifty Acres

Part of a successful media campaign is ensuring your internal stakeholders are trained and able to accommodate requests from media and external organisations in a professional and on-point manner. At Fifty Acres we offer strategic communications workshops and training sessions to give your key internal stakeholders the tools they need in order to effectively engage with media and maintain the public appearance and integrity of your organisation.

Workshops and training are held on-site to not only reduce downtime but to give your key internal stakeholders training in the same environment they work in. We generally run courses over one to two days depending on the specific requirements of the client.

Our workshops can assist in training your internal stakeholders on the importance and uses of social media, how to prepare key messages, improve media literacy and practise communicating on camera, on the radio or via telephone. In these strategic communications workshops and training sessions we also show your internal stakeholders how to develop and implement a communications strategy.

Fifty Acres Managing Director Jo Scard is a former political TV, radio and print journalist. She has facilitated media training for many organisations’ CEOs and executive teams encompassing interview techniques covering multimedia and print, key message delivery, social media and thought-leadership content.

Our expertise covers a wide variety of topics and our real-world industry experience means your internal stakeholders will receive professional, up-to-date and relevant information and training suited to your organisation. We also cover media protocols and the importance of planning a response to crisis situations. These workshops and training sessions are invaluable in reiterating existing or introducing new communication policies of your organisation. Our workshops and training can be group based or one-on-one depending on your needs.

As part of our training you will learn about:

  • Maintaining control of an interview – and the message
  • Getting your organisation’s story across
  • Staying ‘on message’
  • Handling difficult questions
  • Mastering the studio environment
  • Connecting with the interviewer
  • Reputation and crisis management skills

As part of the Fifty Acres media training we will develop a tailored training program specific to your organisation’s requirements and objectives.

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