Stakeholder Relations at Fifty Acres

At Fifty Acres, part of our service to you includes building and ensuring lasting and productive relationships between your organisation and its key stakeholders. Fifty Acres can assist with recognising and researching important stakeholders for your organisation, advising on and assisting with reaching out to them and support with continued engagement.

The first step in our stakeholder analysis services is to identify who your stakeholders are – remembering they can be individuals or organisations. But once stakeholders are identified, you need to know more about them: Who are they? How do they feel about your organisation or project? How do they want to be engaged? And how best do you communicate with them?

Fifty Acres can assist with stakeholder identification and research and prepare detailed analysis and recommendations on how to best engage with them.

Successful stakeholder relationships are key to helping your organisation expand and grow. The positive influence, attitudes, decisions and actions of your key stakeholders can be a pivotal part in the success of your organisation.

Fifty Acres aims to ensure that the outcome of these decisions and actions is of mutual benefit to all parties. We are committed to building relationships that harbour positive expectations and generate more than satisfactory outcomes. We understand that the most important part of stakeholder relations starts with trust.

We have assisted clients across a variety of sectors and industries and have successfully fostered many productive stakeholder relationships that have resulted in greater education and dialogue, raising awareness of an issue, influencing key leaders and increasing the credibility and reach of key messages.

We are dedicated to building a collaborative approach with each and every key player that matters to your organisation.

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