Communication Services at Fifty Acres

Effective and strategic communication is integral to raising an organisation's profile, establishing its identity and promoting its products and services.

At Fifty Acres we live and breathe the communications industry and understand how new and existing communications techniques can be applied in order to have the most impact while remaining cost effective. We also understand that each organisation is unique and requires a unique communications solution. We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach to our work, instead we strive to understand the complex needs of each organisation we work with and establish an effective long-term communications plan based on these needs.

Depending on the organisation and its needs, the strategic plan we establish may involve assisting with your communications to government, media and stakeholder relations, advising on your social media engagement, assisting with content creation or managing your issues, crisis and reputation management. By developing and working to a constantly evolving strategic plan we can ensure that we are achieving the best possible results for your organisation.

When it comes to strategic planning, we prefer to work collaboratively with our clients and understand their overarching organisational strategies that communications strategies must take into account. Essentially, we become an extension of your team, rather than an external team working in a silo. We enjoy regular planning meetings and getting to know your staff so that we can fully understand your organisation and its goals.

As well as strategic planning we also offer speech writing services and delivery advice. We are happy to develop your speeches, coach you on their delivery and brief you on anything from who to thank, what to wear and how to present.

We are also experienced issues and crisis management experts who are able to develop comprehensive services in environment scanning, issues scanning and crisis management strategies for any crisis. Our crisis management strategies help to prepare your organisation and its staff for internal and external risks and assist you in monitoring those issues, which have the potential to escalate into crises. Our trusted staff can also guide you on position statements, when and how to speak to the media and how to manage a multi-stakeholder approach to crisis planning.

While Fifty Acres is equipped to assist any organisation in any sector, we strive to work with clients that stand out from the crowd and are looking to boost their profile in new and engaging ways. Through every step of your engagement with Fifty Acres you will be supported by a team of experienced and engaged communications professionals who can advise on everything from what you say to how you say it.

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